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WORKSHOP Mobility diary Dieburg. C5

MOBILITY DIARY IN DIEBURG: 22nd to 28th October 2017

Day 22
The partner student’s families picked up our students by 9:30 h in the morning at the airport. Gerlinde, the PTID’s headmistress, took us to the hotel to leave the suitcases and gave us a lift to Darmstadt to sightsee the town. Students passed the whole day with the families and enjoyed different activities. In the evening all the teachers had a dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 23
Introduction day at PTID school. The headmistress welcomed us and every partner introduced itself to the audience.
The groups were organised in international teams and tasks and activities were distributed among them. We started working on recordings about European Union questions to design later the podcasts using Audacity. Later, the students continued working on the EU posters and presentations on power point format.
We had lunch at the school canteen and in the afternoon we went to the mini-golf course by the school bus to have some time off together. In the evening the teachers met at a Bavarian food restaurant for dinner.

Day 24
All the staff visited the Town Council where the mayor was waiting for us to give a speech about the area and welcomed us to the region. After that, we took a photo of the group in front of the Council house and the students were given the instructions to get involved in a gymkhana or scavenger hunt for useful information about monuments and interesting sites across the town.
The teachers strolled about the surroundings and we all had lunch at school again. In the afternoon, we supervised students’ reports and visited an old brewery in Darmstadt.


Day 25
We visited a radio station: Galaxy and Primavera radio channels in Aschaffenburg. It was a private station called Funk Haus. The spokeswoman explained to us the working process and we had a look to the different sections and rooms in the building. Some young apprentices were working there.
After the activity we walked along the streets and had lunch there. In the afternoon, we went back to the hotel by train and had dinner in a pizzeria.

Day 26
Early in the morning we attended the school and were working there for the entire day until the presentation to the families in the afternoon at 16:30 h. Students prepared all the materials, podcasts and power points and the posters were hung on the walls. The dinner was cooked for the German students’ parents to share with us.
In the morning the teacher staff held a meeting with Gerlinde in order to deal with the new project KA2 Erasmus+, 2018-2020, give some proposals on possible activities and decide the final title for that. We agreed, ETHOS OF EUROPE: ACTING FOR INTEGRATION.

Day 27
Everybody travelled to Frankfurt by train. Following, we got on a tourist bus to sightsee the most remarkable parts of the city in one hour. Later, we stepped until the Communication Museum where we had a guided visit about means of transport and electronic devices: telephone, mail, Morse code for telegraphy, etc.
In the evening the students went back home with partners and the teachers had dinner together in the city.

Day 28
Every international group went back to its country.