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Av. Dr. Nicasio Benlloch, 130. 46015 Valencia, Spain

WORKSHOP Diary of activities at Lazdijai, 7th to 13th of May 2017

Sunday the 7th, start the journey from Valencia, taking the morning train to Madrid. Arrival to Vilnus, where the school bus picked us and took to our hotel in Druskininkai and then to the Lazdijai’s school.

Monday the 8th, we met in the school with the whole group. Our team exposed a presentation about our city and their environment. Different international teams were made, each team received a cap with the logo of Sound of Europe. Each team had a different colour cap.
We went for a walk into the school’s facilities where stand out a radio’s studio where they emit a talk show. Then we had lunch.
In the afternoon we visit the city hall, where we were received by the government team who answered our questions about Lithuania and the EU. Then we visited the city town, and an ethnographic museum.
The dinner took place in a farm-museum, with typical food, music and dances.

Tuesday the 9th, we met the historical places of Trakay and the capital, Vilnius. We also visited the National Radio and TV of Lithuania and a commercial radio called Zip. In the radio we knew the principles of the elaboration of the news. A journalist guided and explained us each section of the National Radio and the TV. And in the commercial radio we were inside the radio’s cabin, where we listened and learned the different styles of work. Then we went for a walk in the city center while it was snowing. A Spring snowfall that made very happy to our students, who saw snow for the very first time.
We took the dinner in Vilnius and then we went back to our hotel.

Wednesday the 10th, we started the day working in groups about different topics, creating Podcasts and Video Clips.
We had a barbecue for lunch in a beautiful lake, after that we had a lot of outdoor physical activities, where we could know each other in a better way. The teachers and the Lithuanian team had dinner together in a restaurant in Druskininkai.

Thursday the 11th, we kept working on the team works initiated the day before. The group had lunch in the school’s dining room.
After lunch we visited the museum of the Metelai region, the museum showed us how the life in the surroundings of the biggest lake in Lithuania is. After coming back, we all had free time. After that the whole group and their families met in the school to expose their works, the Podscats and de Video Clips. Some students had different musical performances. Then we had dinner and teachers and students danced all together.

Friday the 12th, we visited a Sakotis’s fabrication place. We learned how to prepare them, and then we could tasted and ate. Free time.
The return was from Vilnius to Madrid.

Saturday the 13th, there we took a train to Valencia.
The Valencian group was composed by four students, Julia, Ana, Andrea and Jaume, and two teachers, Inma Andrés and Empar Busó.