SPAIN / IES Benicalap

Av. Dr. Nicasio Benlloch, 130. 46015 Valencia, Spain



Arrival from Valencia to Vöcklabruck.


7.45. Students went to one lesson in Vöcklabruck. It was a chemical lesson in German.
8.45. Students met their teachers to talk about how the day/night was.
10.15. The Vöcklabruck vice-headmaster greeted all the students. Student-groups introduced themselves and presented the city they came from. In the welcome-ceremony, Harald showed us some videos about the different clichés in France and Italy. Students made some group activities to know each other. Austrian students danced balls and tried the foreign students to dance.

After having lunch, Harald organized five international groups to work together. They learnt how to make some recordings with a specific recorder. And they finished at 16.00.
They stayed with their hosts families.


7.45. Each international group prepared a plan for recording sounds in the school. Then they recorded some interviews and sounds.

After having lunch, each international group started the second part of radio- workshop. They learnt how to use the Audacity programme. For this purpose four specialists on radio taught them how to use the programme. Later they produced some radio files using their recordings.

After finishing their tasks at school the students and their hosts partners visited Linz and they came back at 20.00.


7.06. We met at Vöcklabruck train station to go to Hallstatt station. Next, by boat, across the Hallstatt lake we reached the Hallstatt village. We walked through the village to take the cable-car and finally we arrived to the salt mine.


At 7.45 they met at school. Harald gave them some instructions to work on international groups in the town. These are the instructions and the students helped with a Vöcklabruck map.

After lunch, they continued working with the four specialists on radio so that students produced some radio files using their recordings.

At 16.06 Spanish students and teachers went to Vöcklabruck station to go to Salzburg. We spent there a very nice afternoon.


At 7.45 we met at school. Inma and I had prepared an activity to know their international classmates a little bit better. Find your twin soul.

At 8.45 Marica explained to them how to use the etwinning platform.

– To upload a picture of them and a picture of their school or their city
– To write in their profile, to meet other students who would be granted in the future
– To talk in the chat (first enter live and later chat)
– To upload a video (for that purpose they have to publish the video in youtube)

After the break they had to make a power point presentation.

At 15.00 the party started and Harald gave them the certificates.


We came back to Valencia.


Welcome ceremony party

Austrian students dancing balls

Audacity guideline

All students at Hallstatt station

On the boat to Hallstatt

On the boat to Hallstatt

On the cable-car

On the cable-car

Hallstatt mine´s surrondings

Hallstatt mine´s surrondings

The entrance to the mine

Some ancient instruments

Some ancient instruments

Instruments used nowadays

Tectonic folds inside the mine

An English explanation about the mine in ancient times

How we got inside the mine?