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WORKSHOP Dieburg diary M2

COORDINATION DIARY IN DIEBURG: 2nd Transnational meeting
Day 27
Arrival in Frankfurt at different hours. The German team picked us up at the airport and also the Neapolitan and Lithuanian teams. All of us met at the hotel in Dieburg where we hosted. During the dinner the German coordinator explained to us the plan for the following two days.

Day 28
Working session at PID school in Dieburg. We checked all the dates for every future mobility and the last one for the final transnational meeting in Vöcklabruck. The results agreed were:
C5, Dieburg: 22nd – 28th October 2017
C6, València: 4th – 10th February 2018
C7, Nàpols: 4th – 10th May 2018
M3, Vöcklabruck: 14th – 17th June 2018
Following, every team presented the project activities developed during the last year, the dissemination performed and the consequences derived from that.
The German team commented the results of the students’ and teachers’ questionnaires as an assessment tool of every mobility and the project in general. They proposed to enhance the quality of the products designed, the work organisation and the teachers’ participation.
Lithuania showed a presentation including all the activities and dissemination tasks at their school in their community and internationally too.
Spain dealt with the plan and activities in their school, their participation on the web, the You Tube Sound of Europe Valencia channel and blog created, and Facebook account as well. They informed about the three visits to local radio stations in Valencia, the dissemination through press papers and articles and in their own school magazine Milenium. On the other hand, they handed out the rules for the tourist guide creation during the mobility in Valencia.
Italian school from Gioia del Colle presented some images and pictures about the activities they had been doing the last months.
After this long session we visited Aschaffenburg town, the castle and its museum and we had dinner in a traditional restaurant there.

Day 29
The Portuguese coordinator mentioned the final data about all the students that had been travelled in every mobility until then.
The Neapolitan partner revealed their role on the press articles publication on local newspapers and the school web. She made an analysis of the others partners participation on the etwinning platform and the urgent need of improving the organisation and distribution of materials. She reminded us a new digital resource, Padlet, where students could write about their opinions and experiencies after mobilities.
The Austrian team and project’s coordinator highlighted the aspects likely to be revised as for Audacity and quality of works, and the fact of preparing materials in English language and more number of them.
To sum up, the German team introduced some activities for the mobility in Dieburg.
Finally, all the teachers staff, organised in international groups, performed some reflections upon impact, dissemination and sustainability of the project.
After lunch we travelled to Frankfurt to sightsee the city and have dinner in a typical restaurant.

Day 30
Leaving the city and the country after farewell.

Rafa González and Empar Busó