In times of decreasing cohesion and solidarity between European countries and regions it´s getting more and more important to getting in contact, looking for the needs and opportunities of the others and work together. We will enable this for pupils, teachers and stakeholder of this project. Seven Schools of General Education with secondary level from 6 countries will work together in workshops, national and transnational meetings, to be able to create radioclips and results with intellectual outputs provided at the internet.”Sound of Europe – we are making radio” will allow the participants to create radioclips and emissions about common themes together.This should give the opportunity of learning and teaching in an amusing touch, new ways and open frame, related to the needs of the participants. Bringing outputs like a community where it´s possible to share ideas, reflexions, stories and poems, sounds and music of different countries and regions will be a tool for more cooperation. Regional and European themes like sounds of our school, sounds of our region, interviews, stories and music, games between the paticipating countries, apps to use for tourism and traveller-information, situation and development of the migration in the different regions in a European context or other relevant European discussions will be held at schools and with stakeholders and on social- and other media.But beyond that we open the way to reach more people with the ideas and outcomes of this common work. Pupils should become more open-minded, should be able to work in international groups in an other language than their mother-tongue and be happy to create something very new to share with others. Teachers will learn more about the transnational aspect of teaching and learning, have the opportunity to increase their English and their capacity to work in teams. Schools can offer more international aspects to parents and pupils. Local authorities are able to present its special culture, surroundings, can enjoy the outcomes of the project and use it for touristic, social, economic and youth-policy objects. Regional and national/international radio-enterprises can cooperate and the founding of an european radio-station for pupils should be one possible target of this project. Therefore, it can only be carried out transnationally!We will work on- the topic of making radio and working on national stereotypes at the beginning- due to the cross-disciplinary quality of the above topic, which allows integrating it in many areas, we will deal with other subtopics such as music, alternative energies, senderism, tourism in each of the cities participating in the project…. – European citizenship versus national identity- creativity and culture through radioIn order to realize our project, we mean to apply a “learning by doing” way of teaching. The creation of a radioclip will allow the students to apply their technological knowledge and to have a feedback of it. The students will be the main protagonists of an active cognitive way based on research-action processes finalized to produce improving changes in the learning process. Brainstorming, problem solving, simulation, peer education will be at the base of a new inclusive methodological approach in which knowledge is a social process which comes out from the constant relationship with others. The students will use different sources to gather data and obtain relevant information; they will plan the activities, value the outcomes, and propose creative and alternative solutions. The results assessments and transmission of the work to the other group will be through virtual platforms, which will help to be aware about the use of the digital. The teacher will guide all the phases of this learning process, having a leading role in flipped classroom activities and will experiment innovative learning methods which will be shared with the work group.